Welcome in Reimerswaal

Word of welcome

You are most welcome to the Municipality of Reimerswaal. I wish you a good stay. You have already found work and accommodation. I hope the work and housing will meet your expectations. Besides working and living well, I also wish you to spend your leisure time well. With relaxation, sports and recreation. In this information app, you will find information that will help you find your way around our municipality and the Netherlands.

As an EU citizen, in addition to rights, you also have some obligations. This app tells you more about them. If you wish to stay here in the Netherlands for more than 4 months, you need to register as a resident. From that moment on, you are a temporary resident of our municipality. Would you like to stay longer in our municipality or in the Netherlands? If so, we will be happy to help you on your way. You will find information and advice in this app.

You need the municipality for important events and documents: getting married, having children, passports and driving licences. You also need to report unpleasant matters, such as death and theft of documents, to the municipality. Where possible and necessary, we support you.

Learning the Dutch language, living in a house of your own, schools for the children, dealing with neighbours and paying taxes are important issues to us.

I hope you had a pleasant first meeting with the municipality.

Mayor José van Egmond